Interview with Power Developers about New York’s Luxury Real Estate


The fact that real estate investing is one of the most lucrative business deals is no secret. To start with, the cost of property seems to be appreciating every passing year and the demand is not meeting the supply. The only thing that is changing is the trends. Real estate products are getting value addition whereby products such as luxury apartments are now a trend. Here is what Jeff Blau, the man in charge of the New York Power Developers initiative had to say about this new trend that Town Residential sees for NYC luxury real estate.

When asked what was so different about the new project, he stated that besides the fact that it is unlike any other development that the country has seen in the past, the project was being made with the aim of having something for everyone. Hudson Yards will have elements of living fit for everyone and their choices. The people that love the outdoors will have recreational activities to take part in. If you like the gym and spa, there will be plenty of those and there will also be restaurants where one can dine at different times throughout the month.

A trend that has been noticed in the past few years is a decrease in demand for NYC luxury real estate. When asked about this, Jeff stated that the real estate industry operates in cycles. What might seem popular today could become a little less popular and then pick up in popularity later. To address this issue, they have made a combination of buildings that address the ups and downs of living. There are different floor plans and price points.

The project will cost about $25 billion, when asked whether they would borrow from the foreign market to make this happen, he stated that borrowing would be inevitable because a variety of funding sources are needed to make it happen.

Town residential is a real estate development company that has been around for the past five years. The company has totally transformed the world of luxury real estate in the tactics that they use to sell, market and leave property.

The company is led by a team of professionals who have worked in the real estate market for decades, meaning that they understand the industry well. Their efforts are what is propelling the company to bigger economic gains as they market NYC luxury real estate.

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