Beating The System At Its Own Game Is What Jim Hunt And VTA Publications Are About

On the surface Jim Hunt probably doesn’t strike anyone as audacious or outspoken, but there is more to this man than you might think. In topics that might seem otherwise complex and not for the average person to deal with, like investing, stocks, bonds and futures, Jim Hunt lives for it and believes so many people are missing out on something they could be building right now. Hunt believes that really anyone can learn how to invest and trade stocks if they just take a little time to learn about them, and he is all about sharing his secrets of the trade.


Hunt has a lot of followers on YouTube where he shares much of his information. In these videos, he’ll show his audience what stock charts look like, what certain trends on the stock charts entail, and what they should look for to make good investment decisions. But Hunt has also launched some programs that show users what happens when a bear market hits and how just 10 stock trades could make millionaires. These programs are “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Tax-Free Millionaire.” Hunt has been able to accomplish what he has because he lives a disciplined life, and reads a lot in his spare time. It’s this kind of information that most big banks and the government keeps quiet that Hunt silently uses to help people beat the system.


Hunt is also the founder of VTA Publications, a UK company where first-time investors and aspiring entrepreneurs can go to learn about financial management. This company sells a lot of different publications in both print and electronic format and its team of authors share an abundance of information with their readers. One topic covered in the learning courses at this company is retirement planning as taken from the bible, giving readers whole new insights into the subject they may not have ever thought about. Readers also are given a glimpse at alternative strategies regarding futures and options trading. VTA Publications also has recordings of seminars hosted by influential businessmen, and all of the seminars and the reading material can be purchased by going to

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