Danilo Diaz Granados Treats Miami’s Elite to an Unforgettable Event


Danilo Diaz Granados is a financial services expert who specializes in hedge funds, investments, and real estate. He is also a professional in start-ups and merchandising. Starting from 2015, Granados was an associate at Fireman Capital Partners. Before then, Diaz Granados worked as a financial advisor at Private Equity Investing in Miami. The Babson College graduate studied Entrepreneurship and Economics and earned a Bachelor of Science degree.

Besides his work in the financial sector, Diaz Granados is very knowledgeable in fine arts. Additionally, he is a very successful entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Edge of Glory Films, a company that has interests in the film industry. At the firm, Granados works as a producer. A man of many interests, Granados is involved in editing, promotions, marketing and distribution of communications content.

This summer, Danilo Diaz Granados hosted some of the most affluent guests around Miami in an occasion that featured exclusive previews, helicopter rides and sunset boat rides. The exorbitant event also featured fine cuisine and race track competition. It was a show for distinguished guests, and it did not disappoint. Danilo Diaz Granados, who explained that the purpose of the occasion was to give his handpicked guests the experience of a lifetime, said that as a result of the successful show, men in Miami will have a place to check out the most lavish one-of-a-kind places in America. During the event, the hyper-sensory guests had the opportunity to view the highly anticipated residential building in Biscayne, Miami. Granado’s previous events have always been highly successful, and this one was no exception. In addition to excellent cuisine and Dom Perignon champagne, each of the guests ha the opportunity to ride a race car at the Palm Beach Racetrack, and a luxury boat ride.

The event’s sponsors, who include One Thousand Museum, Air Commander Aerospace, Gryphon Racing, and Van Dutch Americas will find satisfaction knowing that the occasion lived up to its hype.   Read more about Danilo on CrunchBase, or follow the man for yourself on Twitter.

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