OSI Acquies Baho Foods In European Market

In August, the OSI Group acquired Baho Food a Dutch company that manufactures deli meats, and snacks. This company added a broader base to the company’s European market. David G. McDonald, president and chief operating officers says that the company broadens their ability to serve their customer needs.

Baho Foods has five companies that serve 18 countries in Europe. Baho Food’s managing director will remain at the company and work with the OSI Group to develop a new strategy for growth. He said he was excited about the new opportunity and that OSI has good relations with customers and suppliers in Europe.

Baho Food makes meat products for the food service industry and retail stores. Their plants are located in Germany and the Netherlands. They have over 50 years experience in the food service industry. Their production process is always geared to the customer and trying out new product on the market. They have five companies that produce quality products.

Henri van de bilt has produced quality deli meat since 1959. Most of the meats are dry salted and smoked on beech wood. This produces a delicious taste. The new factory that that opened in 2012 has state of the art technology that helps them custom package deli meats for customers. This is one of the quality companies OSI acquired with the purchase of Baho Food.

Bakx Foods is a manufacturers of meat product and snacks. Their products are sold for the retail market and exported to other countries. These products are marketed to freezer and chilled segments of the industry. Gerlderland makes smoked pork products like pork belly, ham and smoked bacon. They manufacture convenience products cooked bacon, bacon cubes, gryos, and sliced turkey.

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Another company owned by Baho Food is Vital. This company that develops quality products for the fast food market. They make delicious convenience food for the modern kitchen. The manufacturing plant produces chicken breast fillets, cheese burgers, mini meatballs, hotdogs, and cold cuts.

SmartLife is another subsidy of Baho Food. It markets and distributes the Quorn brand in the Netherlands. Quorn is a meat substitute. These products are made from high protein source high in fiber. Quorn has both the texture and taste of meat.

OSI’s purchase of Baho Food means that have acquired all these company’s They are a diversified group that serves the European market with quality meat products for consumers and the food service industry.

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