Hedge Fund Merger And Acquisition Deals In 2016 Top The 2015 Total According To Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital’s reputation is built on trust. The Chicago-based boutique investment firm, is known for bringing small and medium size companies together. Founders, Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala are experts in buyout advice, corporate governance, ESOP, capital restructuring, bankruptcy direction, tax compliance and business valuation. Madison Street Capital’s reputation is built on solid restructuring advice, precise tax planning, portfolio valuations, wealth management, and business exit strategies. In other words, Madison Street is a full-service investment firm. Botchway is a seasoned veteran in the domestic M&A industry, and Tony Marsala is an energetic superstar in the emerging market merger and acquisition industry. More American companies are acquiring foreign companies in order to expand their product lines. Marsala was recently awarded the M&A Advisor Award for a deal he put together between Dowco and a Mexican company. Tony has been honored several times over the last couple of years for his outstanding leadership qualities, his integrity, and his business sense.



The hedge fund industry has been taking a beating for the last two years. Assets are at an all-time high, but returns are sluggish. Several hedge funds are closing. There were 42 hedge fund merger and acquisition deals in 2015. Those transactions topped the 2014 hedge fund M&A performance by more than 27 percent. According to Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, the 2016 hedge fund M&A total should exceed the 2015 number. The forecast for the hedge fund industry was questionable before the U.S. election. President-elect Trump was an investment liability during the campaign, but some investors believe he will be an exciting wild card in 2017. The reason for the excitement in the investment world is simple. Trump understands investors. He is putting a cabinet together that will help the financial industry, not hurt it. Three Trump cabinet members are former Goldman Sachs people.



In 2017, Marsala and Botchway will continue doing what they have always done. The Madison Street Capital team will travel the world searching for the right business chemistry, and the numbers that make that chemistry produce profits. Madison Street has offices in Asia and Africa, so there is a steady flow of information from those offices into the Chicago office. Even though Trump is pushing to keep manufacturing processes in the United States, Botchway and Marsala think there are still opportunities for mergers between U.S. companies and companies in South America and Mexico. India is another hot spot in the investment world. Madison Street Capital executives will be looking at tech, energy, mining, transportation, and healthcare industries in 2017. There should be more opportunities for mergers and acquisitions in 2017, thanks to Trump, and the Madison Street team will take advantage of those opportunities.

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