Comparative Law Expert Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is the study and analysis of legal systems in various countries. When studying this branch of law, an individual will interpret things such as the constitution of a certain country as well as its laws pertaining to taxes, crime and the family. The study of comparative law has become one of the most significant branches of the legal field due to its potential impact. With an ever increasing global society, it is very beneficial to have a good understanding of how the legal system works in different countries. Knowledge of comparative law is very helpful to a number of individuals such as politicians, entrepreneurs, business executives, lawyers and also economists.

The study of comparative law is quite beneficial to businesses as it allows them to understand regulations and markets in a country they may want to expand to. This branch of law benefits a number of politicians because it will allow them to learn more about how other countries operate and their policies regarding economics and society. Lawyers are another group that can take advantage of studying comparative law. With a knowledge of legal systems in varying countries, lawyers will be in position to complete business deals and even provide legal representation for institutions in a foreign country.

Sujit Choudhry is a legal expert who served as a professor and Dean at the University of California School of Law. One of his notable accomplishments was becoming the first person of Indian origin to become the dean of a top American law school. Before he was Dean of the UC Berkeley School of Law, he was a professor at the New York University School of Law. The main thing that Choudhry is best known for is his expertise in comparative law. This is the branch of law where individuals study the legal systems of a number of different countries.

During his career, Sujit has had a number of very impressive accomplishments. First he is a Rhodes Scholar which is one of the most prestigious educational designations one can get. Along with this particular award, Choudhry held the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship and the William E Taylor Memorial Fellowship. In the later stages of his career, Sujit held a Cecelia Goetz Professorship as well. He is one of the more highly educated individuals you will ever know of as he has attended a number of colleges. Choudhry received Bachelor’s degrees at McGill University and the University of Oxford. Sujit also attended and completed degree programs at the University of Toronto and Harvard Law School.

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