George Soros Passionate Input towards the United States Election

George Soros is an American investor, political activist, and a philanthropist. The Hungarian-born billionaire is popularly known for his incomparable political funding. Being an active supporter of Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party, Mr. Soros funded Clinton and other Democratic candidates with over $25 million. It is thought that Soros spent more millions towards the election. The massive spending came as a surprise to many Americans considering that he decided never to spend huge amounts of money in politics after the 2004 election.

His involvement in this year’s election

In this year’s election, Mr. George Soros was more involved in political affairs than never before. His faith in Clinton coupled with the belief that Trump was doing the work of ISIS made the Hungarian-born New Yorker to be more involved and spend such massive amounts of money. By the end of June, Soros had donated $7 million to Priorities USA Action, which is a political action committee that supported Clinton. He later gave extra $3 million to the same group as the elections were nearing.

George Soros commitment to see Clinton win over Trump became evident when he donated $ 2 million to an opposition research super PAC called American Bridge 21st century. The organization got funded because they were targeting Trump and other Republican candidates. Besides, Mr. Soros committed extra $5 million to Immigrant Voters Win, a super PAC that is determined to increasing voter turnout among the Hispanic voters in swing states.

The billionaire further donated $ 5 million to Voting Rights Trust, a non-profit organization which was committed to fighting conservative move to restrict voting. Additionally, Soros spend $ 2 million to America Votes an organization that mobilizes voters in the United States of America. Other state-based organizations that mobilize voters are thought to have benefited with over $ 1 million from the billionaire.

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Moreover, he spent additional $1.5 million to Senate PAC that was devoted to boosting Democratic Senate candidates. End Citizens United, a group that supported Clinton received the maximum possible funding of $ 5000 from the billionaire. In one of the columns, Soros warned voters to resist the siren songs of individual like Donald Trump and vote Hillary Clinton. Mr. Soros believed that Clinton was the best candidate for the top seat because she is open to discussing policies.

His reaction after the election

Having spent a lot of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton, Mr. Soros was disappointed by Trumps win. After Trump’s win, the Mr. Soros and other billionaires gathered in Washington for a three-day closed-door meeting in the quest to oust Donald Trump. The billionaires were discussing on how to spend several more billions to fight back against president-elect, Donald Trump.

The conference, which was sponsored by the Influential Democracy Alliance donor club, was held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The conference attracted leaders from most of the liberal groups and leading unions. The meeting came after the president-elect unveiled his 100-day plan, which is thought to be a mockery to resident Obama’s achievement. Mr. Soros and other billionaires are planning to thwart the president-elect plans from day one.

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