Chris Burch Speaks On The Future of Tech and Fashion

Chris Burch is a man of many talents, not only is he a CEO of two financially successful companies that have made him a noted billionaire featured on the cover of Forbes, he is also a fashion expert who keeps up with the latest in breaking scientific advancement. Given his background he often speaks about the nature of technology and fashion and how one propels the other in a seemingly endless loop of improvement.


He notes that a very good example of this occurred back in the 70s with the creation of the boom box. Though the boom box is not generally thought of as a piece of “fashion” it certainly could be, in a way, worn, that is, carried and gave a distinctive aesthetic tenor to its owner. Not only that but it had the obvious pragmatic purpose of playing music. During the 80s the boom box craze took off with spectacular flair and was constantly featured in films and talked about on radio programs and television, which deepened the technologies fashion connection within the cultural milieu. Then, in the 90s, with the birth of the Walkman the boom box was transformed into a smaller and imminently more fashionable device. Not only was the Walkman more visually appealing it was also lighter and easier to carry about – put on some headphones and slip it in your pants or jacket pocket and it was a truly standout fashion statement.


Mr. Chris Burch notes that these kinds of trends are important for both the tech sector and fashion industry to observe, as a thorough accounting of such historical trends will allow inventors and designers the inspiration and insight needed to foster new and similar trends in the future. He also states that one of the best and most recent examples of people doing just that is the creation of the kinetic energy generator and the running shoe. Now, to most, these two things share absolutely nothing in common, how could they possibly be combined and to what end? Well, Mr. Burch explains all this, stating that a shoe with a built in kinetic generator would allow anyone to power every single one of their mobile devices (phones, iPads, laptops, ect.) all while on the move, completely avoiding cumbersome chords and wonky sit downs to power up. If that sounds quite fantastical it may surprise the reader to know that such things are well on their way to reality – for instance, the company Soledad Martin has already begun work on a stylish looking prototype shoe that will power mp 3 players in addition to a wide variety of other devices!

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