Bob Reina and His Monumental Efforts to Help People and Animals Around the World

Over the years, Bob Reina has worked to help people see that they could change their lives by giving back to the communities in which they live all over the world. This has been a personal commitment for him since he opened Talk Fusion in 2007.


Bob Reina, a former police officer with the Hillsborough Florida Sheriff’s office, graduated from the University of South Florida. After graduation, he entered the Tampa Florida Police Academy and graduated number one in his class. He was awarded the prestigious Award of Merit.


He is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion which is one of today’s fastest growing video communication companies in the world. He is also one of the top 50 companies in Direct Selling in terms of the sales revenue and its growth.


Bob Reina has been very instrumental in bringing awareness and success to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He has produced a video to help promote their growth and their success. He is very active in the ongoing fight to stamp out cruelty to animals and finding resources for the homeless animals who people have abandoned. He has donated the sum of $1 million to the Human Society of Tampa Bay. He has paid many bills for people that he has overheard in conversation saying that they could not afford the care their pet needed to heal or survive, as a silent donor.


He has a goal that is quite simple and powerful, and that is to help nonprofit organizations and charities across the world, be able to reach more people to spread the messages they wish to impart and to help further their causes in ways that were not possible before.


His basic idea with Talk Fusion works on the premise that with a greater level of success you have greater responsibilities. This is what drives all that Talk Fusion does as individuals and as a company.

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