Take a Breath with Stem Cell Therapy at the Lung Institute

Living with lung disease can severely impact a patient’s quality of life. According to BCM health care, everyday tasks, such as walking up the stairs, can easily become more difficult. Until recently, traditional treatments options offered little hope for patients. Most available options had negative side effects and only aimed to treat the symptoms of the disease. The Lung Institute developed a unique stem cell therapy to treat both symptoms and progression of various lung diseases. Stem cell therapy uses stem cells derived from the patient’s own body to treat their disease.

The process of collecting the stem cells and returning them to the patient is a minimally invasive procedure. The stem cells are first harvested from the patient using a small blood or bone marrow sample. The stem cells are then separated from other cells. Lastly, the stem cells are returned to the patient intravenously. Returning the concentrated stem cells to the patient intravenously allows the stem cells to travel directly from the heart to the lungs. Once in the lungs, the cells can begin to promote healing in the damaged lung tissue.

The mission of the Lung Institute is to improve the quality of life for patients living with chronic lung diseases. With their diligent work in the area of stem cell therapy it is clear that they are successfully fulfilling their mission. The highly trained physicians at the Lung Institute have received worldwide recognition for their groundbreaking work in minimally invasive stem cell therapy for the treatment of lung diseases. For more information regarding the Lung Institute or the use of the stem cell therapy to treat lung diseases please visit supplementpolice.com.

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