The Educative Non-profit Organization Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah is a primordial knowledge which offers convenient tools that result to a goal fulfillment and joyful life. Kabbalah is not only an academic study but also an approach to building a better way of living. Kabbalah center is a non-profitable association which elaborates Kabbalah principles and how to apply them in our daily life. The center educates Kabbalah as a universe knowledge which can be learned by anyone regardless of religion or faith in general.

The Kabbalah Center was established in Jerusalem in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag where his student Rav Yehuda Brandwein succeeded him and later in 1962; Brandwein passed the responsibilities of the center to Kabbalist Rav Berg, the current director of the firm. Noteworthy to mention, there are numerous branches of the Kabbalah center with more than 5000 students attending their lessons every week. Moreover, Kabbalah center offers physical positions and online experiences which provide lessons, prayer services, pdf downloads and books composed of valuable Kabbalah information.

The Kabbalah Center supplies the students with a course of lessons which elaborate the creation origin, spiritual and physical laws, the path of our souls and human existence attributes. The Kabbalah center teachings are based on Zohar which describes the mysteries and the universal religious interconnectedness portrayed in the Torah (Bible) and man’s relationship to it. Besides, Kabbalah center has formulated various biblical books containing Kabbalah annotations.

The Kabbalah Center also actively supports Astrology which was widely supported by Judaism in the middle ages. Kabbalah tradition firmly believes in cosmic force which affects almost everything we do in our daily life hence understanding astrology asserts better can provide a valuable reason of aspiring Kabbalist. Finally, the Kabbalah center’s mission is to create a plate where the student can learn and apply the principles in their daily life helping them come up with a better decision which not only helps them but also the whole world at large.


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