The ascent to the top: the story of BMG executive, Marcio Alaor, and memories in the interior of Minas Gerais

During the Santo Antonio 33rd Agricultural Show, the food for Marcio Alaor had an inauguration to honor the executives to the BMG Bank. BMG Bank is one of the most prominent investments and private banks in the Brazilian economy. It is also known because it is the oldest bank to set foot in the Brazilian market. For more than eight decades in the Brazilian market, BMG bank has served people without fear or favor to make them achieve their goals in a competitive environment. This Agricultural show emphasized the services Marcio Alaor was giving to the people through the bank. When he was made the president of the bank, the bank started working to develop their high-end facility to have the highest material splendor.


The people have recognized Marcio Alar for what he does. He has always been available to support community projects through funds and association. This is the reason why he is one of the most prominent people in Brazil. Marcio is also recognized as a professional in the market with high-end facility development, which makes him one of the most sought individuals in the management of banks. According to Marcio Alaor, his profession was inspired to him by a doctor named Wilmar Pai. He is the person who shared the necessary light to the young man and made him work towards achieving success in the bank. Wilmar revealed to him the great potential he has hidden for a long time.


When Marcio Alaor was making shoes at a local corner in the city, Dr. Wilmar used to send him shoes to mend. He also said that the young boy should earn money and sustain his future life. Moreover, he must also work to achieve success through making money at a local shoe-shining apartment. Because he was the only person who sent numerous shoes to be made on a weekly basis, Marcio was fascinated and needed to know the reason why he did it. Marcio Alaor followed the teachings of the doctor and ended up becoming the President of BMG Bank in Brazil. This is one of the largest financial institutions in the heart of the Brazilian economy. Because he achieved the success through innovation, he considers himself as one of the most prominent entrepreneurs and business people in Brazil.


After ascending in the social arena, he has never failed to value his ascension and social status. He always comes back and sponsors children who have no means of supporting their education. This is the only thing why people love his participation in society and matters affecting the community. According to Marcio Alaor, the Expo was one o the most thrilling events in the country. It opened an opportunity for him to learn much about the country.

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