Cotemar and Oil & Gas Sector of Mexico


Cotemar was created in 1979 to cater different needs of Mexican petroleum sector. Nowadays, it is a major service provider to Petrolesos Mexicanos (Pemex). Over the time, the company has developed itself into a key service provider in different fields of the industry. It is offering services like catering, accommodation, and specialized vessels in the area of Campeche Bay.


Cotemar is a combination of latest technology with effective processes to contribute to the production of oil & gas in Mexico. For a long period, Pemex is getting efficient solutions from Cotemar. Currently, Cotemar offers services like engineering, maintenance, modernization, construction, specialized vessels, catering, accommodation, and maritime support. Pemex has canceled two of its contracts with Cotemar; therefore, it is facing some crisis. Cotemar believes it will recover soon. According to an anonymous official, the reason behind this move is a budget cut, and that is a very normal thing to happen. Many companies are facing this situation. As a result, Cotemar has decided not to renew boats from Prosafe, an expert in this field.


The budget cut by Pemex has not just affected Cotemar. Prosafe official also spoke about getting affected by this move. There was an order of three submersible work platforms by Cotemar. The company had to lay off two thousand personnel, and its workforce was reduced to five thousand. National Oil Company is continuing to get specialized vessels by Cotemar. The task of these vessels is to construct production platforms, perform maintenance, and transport personnel. Prosafe’s manager said Cotemar also uses fleets of other companies. The company has large fleets with several boats which it is using for long-term contracts with Pemex. Prosafe’s manager said he is confident that things will get stable soon.


The price of crude oil per barrel was reduced to fifty dollars in 2015. As a result, Cotemar reduced the price of renting equipment. Prosafe’s manager said he never criticized Pemex. He supported the changes made by the company in management and contracts. Every other company did the same in the current situation. Cotemar is continuing to upgrade processing centers and offshore rigs.

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