Doe Deere Reveals Success Story Behind Lime Crime Cosmetics

Launching an independent makeup company is no easy task, especially when you consider the giant cosmetics brands that have been controlling the market for decades.

Doe Deere, however, dared to dream large, and her hard work and creative genius have paid off, only after nine years in the business.

These days, the Russian native with the lovely lavender hair, is famous on social media sites. Her Lime Crime Instagram page now boasts more than 2.7 million makeup-obsessed followers.

Doe Deere tells that she’s hands-on when it comes to building and maintaining her brand. She tries out every new lipstick, eye shadow and liner that she collaborates with a chemist on. If the product isn’t good enough for Doe Deere, then she tosses it out, until the perfect formula appears for her customers. She’s busy with Lime Crime’s creative director and attends to various meetings. Doe Deere has developed a strong work ethic and people are noticing.

Doe Deere believes that e-commerce is the wave of the future, even when selling makeup online that the buyer cannot touch, try on or examine in person. She’s become a huge success, because she offers the buyer something far different than the routine cosmetics palettes we’ve been seeing for years.

Lime Crime makeup is unique, bold and strangely beautiful. The color palettes are radical but when tried on, so very striking. Doe Deere has been called a beauty pioneer by some, because she dared to challenge the huge makeup markets with a brand new vibe.

Young women and men, too, began gravitating to the makeup brand, eager to put on blue or green lipstick and feel good about themselves. Lime Crime makeup was developed for individuals to define their own beauty, and Doe Deere believes her cosmetics are empowering to young people around the globe.

It takes some nerve to put on yellow lipstick or debut red eye shadow or crystals and glitter adorning the lips. This is Doe Deere’s world, and she isn’t alone. So many women have been waiting for modern makeup to finally arrive, and Lime Crime fills that beauty niche.

Doe Deere looks at makeup like she does with fashion and hair; all three play a key role together in our culture. Bright, happy, whimsical makeup is what Doe Deere brings to Lime Crime. These palettes feature high quality pigments and are made for fun, sexiness and naughtiness.

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