How Publishing With Oncotarget Benefits Researchers

For individuals seeking more information on the latest research into multidisciplinary cancer treatments, Oncotarget offers free online access to the latest papers with weekly updates. The journal’s goal is to have remarkable, scientifically sound discoveries shared rapidly with others in the scientific community, as opposed to having the research neglected during a lengthy review process, when the information could contribute to science immediately, after Oncotarget’s fast, efficient peer review process. Visit Impactjournals to learn more.

Oncotarget’s success has triggered the journal to launch new sections. Currently, Oncotarget covers oncology, aging, microbiology, neuroscience, pathology, autophagy, immunology and cell death, however, with the two Editors-in-Chief, Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail V. Blagosklonny both from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Oncotarget’s central focus will remain oncology.

Taking advantage of the latest scientific publishing trend, Oncotarget’s open access policy gives published authors wider exposure, with more citations and downloads for each article. When the traditional scientific publishing system of taking years to review papers no longer worked for researchers, Oncotarget stepped in to give them rapid access to reviewer’s unbiased comments, in case they need to complete more research before being published. Read more on

Oncotarget realizes that paywalls significantly restrict access to important discoveries, however, since there are a number of expenses associated with maintaining an open access medical journal Oncotarget asks for a nominal fee from authors to publish, promote and archive their work. Before submitting articles, authors may ask for a discount, however, Oncotarget does not charge a fee to authors submitting news or editorials of 800 words or less.

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