Betsy DeVos Pushes For Innovation And Change In The U.S. Education System

It is difficult to believe the daughter of one of the most prominent industrialists in the U.S. would have been at the very heart of a movement often seen as extreme when she first joined it a number of decades ago; but, this is exactly what happened when the former Chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Betsy DeVos joined the U.S. education reform movement. I was shocked to discover Mrs. DeVos had spent a number of decades leading the fight to allow children in the U.S. access to the best possible educational options through the implementation of school voucher and choice programs that have slowly been taken up across many U.S. states. Among the aspects of the work Betsy DeVos has undertaken that impressed me during my research have been the way she has been willing to provide her own funding for marketing campaigns to raise awareness of the latest school choice and voucher programs adopted across the U.S.

For me, Betsy DeVos is a philanthropist who is willing to complete a wide range of work that can be seen as providing funding for many different groups and good causes that have benefitted from the involvement of the DeVos family. One of the most impressive programs backed by Betsy DeVos, in my opinion, is the backing she and husband Dick DeVos have provided for the Kennedy Center for the Arts through their own Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation (; Betsy was appointed to the board of the Kennedy Center in 2004 by President George W. Bush and continued her support in 2010 when she and Dick donated over $22 million to establish what would become known as the DeVos School for Arts Management.

Along with the impressive education and philanthropic reform work undertaken by Betsy DeVos I have also been impressed by her willingness to take business based risks on the areas of industry and investment she feels will assist the community and the greater good. Among the investments made by Betsy DeVos is that in the Neurocore company that hopes to retrain the brain of any person affected by depression, mental disorders, and anxiety; Betsy DeVos has created a successful business, philanthropic, and political life as the former Chair of the Republican Party of Michigan where she is held in high esteem for her work as a community leader and reformer.

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