Josh Verne, CEO of is a marketing company and a publisher of a mobile website that contains news, valuable information, and opinions on college life for a targeted college audience aged mostly 18 to 24. Approximately 75 percent of the content is from actual students who are paid $50 for each published post of about 300 words and up to $100 for videos. Student contributors have free rein and appreciate the opportunity of what to write. The rest of the content is advice from professionals.


The website’s headquarters in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, is 5,000 square feet in a suburban office park with open work stations for its 19 employees together with a massage chair, a treadmill, and a hair salon.


Launched in April 2015 by Josh Verne and Jon Dorfman, FlockU had $3 million in start-up capital from their prior financial wellness company,, which was sold in 2014 to Global Analytics Holding. The sum of $600,000 was spent on the website and on development of mobile technology. The creators visited various college campuses and asked students what interested them and what information they wanted and needed.


Entrepreneur Josh Verne is the CEO of and has always been anxious to create something. He has more than 20 years of experience in successfully starting, growing, developing, and selling top-notch multi-channel businesses.


Verne is also well-known in public speaking circles and provides insights on how to succeed in business, wealth, life, relationships, and personal growth. He states that if a person wants to be successful, he or she must find something to be passionate about. He believes that a business person should be a leader that puts his team first and uses that respect to accomplish goals rather than a boss who does what is in his own best interest with his own goals. He also feels that the less a person speaks, the more powerful the words will be, the more people will listen to what is said, and the more authoritative the speaker will appear.


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