Clay Seigall and the Future of Cancer Research


There are few more promising companies involved in the field of cancer research than the biotech company, Seattle Genetics. The company is mainly known for it’s affinity for innovation in non invasive cancer therapy treatments. Seattle Genetics stock price has increased three-fold over the period of just five years, which shows just how much buzz they are generating and just how important and groundbreaking their prospective research projects are turning out to be.

The great organizing brain behind the company is Clay Siegall, who co-founded the company back in 1998 and currently functions as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall, a scientist by trade, was interested and inured in cancer therapy research far before his time with Seattle Genetics started. He is primarily known for leading the charge in the development of anti body drug conjugates, known informally as ADCs, as well as the creation of brentuximab vedotin, known under the trademarked moniker of Adcetris. In partnership with the Takeda Phrama company, Dr. Siegall’s previously mentioned drug brand, which was designed to treat Hodgkin Lymphoma, is now circulated the world over and is approved by over 65 different countries to help patients overcome their illness in the most cost effective way possible.

But cutting edge technological therapy treatment developments, important as they are will not carry a company, one must also have leadership and the ability to generate capitol (cancer research is, after all, a extraordinarily expensive enterprise). Here, again, Dr. Seigall’s talents prove invaluable for Seattle Genetics, as he has been able, through his charisma, dedication and contacts, to organize and raise over one billion dollars for the companies’ cancer research endeavors via both public and private fundraising. With this massive influx of capitol, as well as spacious and highly specialized staff members and peerless leadership under Dr. Seigall, Seattle Genetics looks to be one of the most, if not the single most, innovative cancer research company to keep an eye on in the future.

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