Technology and Fashion on a Joint Mission for a More Beautiful, Creative and Protected World

It is important we start by appreciating individuals that have helped in calling our attention to the synergy between technology and fashion and how we can make the most of these two great industries. Top on the list of these fellows is Chris Burch.


Many fashion designers will not be able to thank him enough for the knowledge he passed across through articles and other mediums propelling them into incorporating technology in their business, and they have been smiling to the bank more than ever before as a result. Firms in the technology industry also benefited;they have come to know a number of ways fashion can help boast their performance.


Chris Burch is a born-entrepreneur. He was a monumental success in several industries including fashion, technology and real estate. Before he got through with college, he had been making million of dollars in business. The company he now manage, Burch Creative Capital, has one of the most impressive brand of portfolio around.


In one of his write-ups, Burch took us down memory lane into the 70s all in an attempt to show us the evolving interwoven trend of technology and fashion. The 70s was given to the boom box affording music lovers the opportunity of carrying around their favorite tunes and stations. a new invention, called the Walkman ushered in the 90s providing a more personal music experience that was several steps fashionably higher than the boom box. Those who thought the Walkman will remain the toast of music lovers for several decades must have been shocked with the emergence of the iPod only a decade after, another improvement technologically and fashion-wise. It has since been one or several improvements from decade to decade.


There is perhaps no greater boast for innovation and functionality in the fashion ever than the incorporation of technology into the industry. Anouk Wipprecht, an accomplished Dutch fashion designer, agreed with this opinion when she made the comment:”technology is like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.” Wipprecht made a name for herself with her avant-garde designs, a drink-making and self-painting dress.


Fashion has taken another look in recent times with the aid of technology, protecting people from being hurt. The works of Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin readily come to mind. They created a special type of airbag for cyclists. It pops out to protects the head from harm. When close, it provides a better visibility of the surroundings compare to a helmet.


Also,we now have instances when people bring together fashion and technology to create energy. The whole idea is centered on the fact that movement can be converted to electrical energy. Clothes are thus designed to capture this kinetic energy for the purposing of powering appliances such as mp3 and watch.


Obviously,the popularity of technology would be grossly undermined without fashion. Fashion Shows, for instance, serves to wake people up to latest trends and styles. New technology gains awareness and patronage in the process. Many tech firms might have folded up but for this fashion-induced patronage.


The synergy between fashion and technology is an evolving one, it gets better with time as the two industries learn from each other. We can thus look forward to a future full of greater excitements.


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