Tony Petrello Oil Man Extraordinaire? Most People Think So:

Tony Petrello provides the international company: Nabors Industries, Ltd., a leadership style that is clearly unparalleled. Tony Petrello comes with the academic background and career progression of the best of leaders.

He holds two degrees in Mathematics from Yale University: A B.S. degree and an M.S. degree. Persons who know Petrello, describe him as a mathematical wizard. He matriculated to Harvard Law School, after Yale, where he attained a J.D.

Tony Petrellos’s first position was attained at the internationally famous law firm of Baker McKenzie. Tony Petrello had the leadership training, attained from Harvard Law School, to easily move into the role of the firm’s: Managing Partner. His bright mind, and enthusiasm; along with his academic successes, made it “a given” that Tony Petrello would assume the Managing Partner role at Baker McKenzie. He worked out the New York Office.

Tony Petrello, then made the move of attaining a leadership post at Nabors Industries, Ltd., a primary manufacturer, and servicer within the oil and gas industry. This was an interesting and bold challenge, on the part of Tony Petrello.

It is not, every day, that a Managing Partner can “switch hats,” and become CEO of one of the most recognized gas and oil firms–from that of a Managing Partner, easily. Although, the functions are similar, the business models–let us face it–are very unique. However, it is not surprising, considering Petrello’s record of academic success that he made the transition–easy enough. In fact, the entire transition went superbly smooth.

Tony Petrello has always, kept in mind the requirements, of not only his sophisticated client-base, but that of his in-house staff as well. He works with dedication and commitment.

Yes: there are economic factors, currently, that require certain strategies. Tony Petrello makes, certain, that the technological features of Nabors Industries, Ltd.’s well-digging equipment and report processing functions are clearly addressed.

Tony Petrello assures the highest level of cost-effectiveness, by way of making certain, the equipment is properly upgraded, and that he partners with other industry professionals, in providing his customers, with the best in efficiencies and overall price.

The preceding is the focus of Nabors Industries, Ltd. Thanks to Tony Petrello, resources are leveraged properly, by way of joining forces with companies, such as Weatherford, in delivering a complete and full range of operational options, and in launching the best in technological equipment upgrades. The preceding is what makes Nabors Industries, Ltd., under the leadership of Tony Petrello, a world leader.


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