Facts most people do not know about Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is known as a leading company in building and transportation system in all Travis and Williamson countries. Many Texas citizens are familiar with the authority’s critical role in constructing toll roads. However, they have other functions beyond what is commonly known.


Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority acts independently


The authority was founded in the year 2002 after a state law got passed in the year 2001. In as much as it lacks taxing authority, it has the power to condemn. Since the body began its activities, its total assets have grown from zero to one point eight billion US dollars.

Seventy percent of the authority’s income is from selling investment bonds to private sectors on the stock market. This revenue finances the construction of toll roads, expansion of roads and traffic lanes and other worthwhile projects related to the improvement of transportation. The remaining thirty percent of the income comes from Texas Department of Transportation and public sources.


The authority’s governing board and development interests


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s board consists of seven well-educated members of the council. Three of the members get directly appointed by Travis County Commissioner’s Court. The next three are appointed to duty by Williamson County Commissioner’s Court. However, the chair is appointed to office by the governor.


Free assistance in roadside and travel applications


The authority has a Highway Emergency Response Operator commonly known as HERO. This operator is designed specifically to help motorists who get stranded on some major roads and also enables smooth flowing of traffic. More than fourteen thousand stranded motorists received assistance since 2015.


The application Metropia which is compatible with smartphones helps eliminate traffic congestion. The app helps travelers by incentivizing users to use roads at off-peak moments.


The authority’s executive directors receive high payment


Chief Mike Heiligenstein received a massive compensation package of more than three hundred thousand US dollars. The package included base salary, deferred compensation, life insurance premiums and monthly car allowances.

However, the chief director of the authority earns slightly below three hundred thousand US dollars every month with no compensations. The whole agency has more than eleven thousand full-time employees.


Interesting facts about Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein has a bachelor and two other master’s degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. He currently holds the Executive Director’s position at Central Texas Mobility Authority.


Before joining the authority, Mr. Heiligenstein was a member of Round Rock City Council. He maintained the position for eight years.

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