The Success of Susan McGalla

It feels good to know about women out there like Susan McGalla. She is someone that has managed to fight her way up to the top in the corporate industry. I believe that all the hard work that she is doing is paying off for her and many others that are coming behind her. She has made a lot of great moves with American Eagle as the CEO. Susan McGalla has also worked as the CEO for Wet Seal. These two positions have put her in a unique spot. There are not many women that can say that they have been the CEO of two companies. She is part of a small club that is probably only two to three percent of the business population. Check also

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When someone is in a unique position such as this they have to wonder how the rest of the world is going to look at what they do. I believe that Susan has been in a position where she can give advice because she has made it to a unique place that others have not reached. That means that she is someone for others to look up to. She has been a guiding force in my life because I have a degree in marketing. I look at her background and check her resume with a fine-toothed comb. I want to know the type of job that she had before she got to the top. Knowing about her other jobs helps me understand her success in business.  More of her on

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