Bruce Levenson Is Still Closing The Page On The Sale Of The Hawks

The sale of the Atlanta Hawks has been completed, having taken place back in March of 2015 when Tony Ressler and company bought the team from Bruce Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE). But now Levenson and AHBE are facing a court battle regarding the buying out of Danny Ferry, the former general manager’s contract, and AIG, the team’s former insurance company. AHBE had a policy that was supposed to cover losses regarding wrongful termination and workplace torts, and according to AJC, AHBE was within their rights to file a claim for their current situation. But AIG seems to think otherwise and thus far has not honored this claim. AHBE and Levenson have decided to take AIG to court on the matter and hope to be compensated for damages they claim to have suffered as a result of AIG’s actions.

Bruce Levenson owned the Atlanta Hawks along with AHBE for about 11 years, purchasing them in 2004 and then selling them in 2015, reveals ESPN. Levenson has been an established businessman for nearly 40 years, the co-founder of Unified Communications Group (UCG) back in 1977 and chairman on the boards at several other companies. UCG owns newsletters of various industries such as energy and oil, healthcare, and mortgage and finance. Levenson also helped establish TechTarget, the company’s subsidiary which provides technology research analytics to big businesses. Reference:

Levenson has also served as a board member for several philanthropies including Hoop Dreams Foundation, the I Have a Dream Foundation, and is an avid supporter of the Holocaust Memorial Museum. These programs have made helping inner city children achieve higher scholarships their goal, and teach them the importance of historic events such as the Holocaust. He’s also a contributor to Jewish American activist groups such as Seeds of Peace, BBYO, and Birthright Israel.


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