Lori Senecal; How To Conquer The Branding Industry

Lori Senecal is a celebrated advertising and marketing expert, who has earned multiple plaudits due to her revolutionary efforts in transforming the product promotion industry. Her impressive track record in the sector has seen her work for several prominent firms, including CP+B, to which he is the incumbent global honcho. Besides being innovative, Lori is a hardworking individual, an attribute that has brought unprecedented success to the institutions she has worked under.

A proficient academic, Lori has in her possession a degree from the McGill University. While working at branding firm, McCann Erickson, Lori played a key role in the nurturing of a myriad of advertising campaigns for renowned corporate giants, such as Coca-Cola and Microsoft’s Xbox. To further enhance her indisputable reputation, Lori contributed substantially in marketing BMW, American Express, and much more.

While still in high school, Lori Senecal developed an impetus that drove her towards the corporate world. She had a passion for gymnastics, but her height disqualified her from a playing role. She moved on to management, where she developed valuable skills regarding teamwork and how to achieve set objectives promptly and consistently. Also, she acquired the knowledge on how to pass a point without looking disapproving.

The short stint as coach inspired Senecal to delve into the product promotion business. Equipped with adept leadership skills, Lori decided to set the path, rather than be a follower. Coupled up with compassion, this leadership trait marked the start illustrious career in marketing.

In the advertising world, the volume of income depends on the success of the client. Though early days may prove challenging, perseverance and performance will eventually see you through, according to Lori. The process an ad takes to reach its optimum potential is long, but it is worth the wait. In the beginning, Lori had reservations on the viability of her work. However, she brushed this speculation under the carpet and focused on how to make it work, a strategy that proved fruitful.

In a report by Adage, before engaging a new client, Lori strives to learn as much as possible about the prospective customer. For this reason, she can develop advertising campaigns that are not the only custom tailored but also have a robust appeal among consumers.

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