Entrepreneur at 15, Sawyer Howitt makes his mark on businesses in Oregon

Don’t let his age fool you, despite still being in high school; Sawyer Howitt has already led a very impressive life, with a wealth of experience and accomplishments. Sawyer is from Portland, Oregon, and has a very keen understanding of the operational and financial needs of businesses. Sawyer has a deep appreciation to the core of brands, how they connect and resonate with consumers.

And this has served him well, as he is currently a project manager for the Meriwether Group, following in his father David’s footsteps, the proprietor of the group.

A firm that provides business development and acceleration consultancy services.

Meriwether Group is an entrepreneurship centric business, helping create brands that are capable of disrupting the economy.

Sawyer plays on the Oregon Racquetball club; his athletic experience contributes to his business skills, giving him a competitive mindset. Furthermore, Sawyer has an extensive photography and visual arts portfolio. It seems entrepreneurship comes naturally to the high schooler. Furthermore, Sawyer was acting director to a number of philanthropic organizations, which supported education and women’s rights. Sawyer Howitt worked with RFID as a business strategy analysts, and with Kure Juice in customer service. The young Howitt is an active mentor for troubled youth, and has led international ethnic studies groups.

With such an impressive resume at 15, there is much more to come from Sawyer Howitt.



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