Rona Borre Makes Things Happen in The Staffing Industry

Rona Borre set all kinds of sales records at her former job as a leading account executive at an international staffing and recruiting company. Then the company was sold, and the staffing industry went haywire, so Borre decided to start her own company.

Working out of a second bedroom from her Chicago condo, Borre started Instant Alliance and quickly established herself as a company to be reckoned within the staffing industry. Borre has the unique talent of never being satisfied with the status quo and is constantly searching for a better way.  More to read on

For example, when she first got Instant Alliance started, she hired quite a few of experienced account executives who had worked for some of the larger firms, but quickly found out that they were largely ineffective. They were used to lots of support and couldn’t do much on their own, so they failed. Rona came to the conclusion that she would have to grow her talent and train them her way.  Related article on

One of the keys to Rona’s success, and it is true that Instant Alliance is one of the fastest growing staffing companies in the United States, is specialization. Rona works very hard at developing relationships with clients, and she teaches her salespeople to do the same. For example, she makes a great effort to get to know the top echelon of her client’s companies so she can better find out what they want and need in the way of personnel.

Once she has this information, she can go to work and find just the right person or people for that company. It is more about culture than anything because it is not difficult to find talent, but fitting that talent to the culture is the key. She likes to hire technological and financial professionals because they are in great demand. Companies that are growing are going to need these people to make the step to the next level, and they know it.

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When Borre hires account execs, they have to be willing to learn her techniques and apply them. When that happens Instant Alliance, and the account executives are wildly successful.

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