Securus Technologies Continues to Provide Great Products and Services

Securus Technologies is a major participant in the telecommunications industry, with a focus on providing services to the law enforcement industry. Today, the company has over 1,000 employees, provides its services to over 900 different law enforcement and correctional facility facilities across the country, and ultimately provides services to more than 1 million inmates.


Overall, Securus Technologies has been able to build a positive reputation for providing great products and services to their customers. They company has gained a very positive reputation over the past few years by rolling out their new video chat application. This application allows an inmate to use a portal at the facility to complete a video chat with a loved one. This has been very beneficial to all parties involved as it provides a much more intimate communication environment.


While the company has been known for providing great services in regards to telecommunications, they also have been very helpful for when it comes to security at the facilities. Along with the video chat system, Securus Technologies is able to provide a monitoring service. Securus Technologies can monitor any call that the facility administration wants. They are then able to review the call and alert the facility if there is any suspicious information. These calls have ultimately been used by the facilities to either prevent crimes from occurring, inside and outside of the prison, and to solve crimes currently under investigation.


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