How Brian Bonar Came To Be Gifted In Technology And Finance

Brian Bonar is the Chairman of several financing and employment outsourcing companies that are owned by the parent company, the Dalrada Financial Corporation in San Diego. Through these companies, Brian Bonar has allowed smaller businesses to cut costs in areas they’ve need to save in and has supplied automated equipment to them to maximize their profitability.

Bonar has gotten where he is today because he has a vision for perfection and always believes expenses can be cut through finding easier ways to do things. His areas of expertise cover technology, accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing and even now endeavors to build restaurant investments in San Diego County.

Brian Bonar grew up in Scotland and was always interested in mechanics and problem solving and he earned a bachelor’s degree in the field from James Watt Technical College. He then completed a bachelor’s in business administration at Strathclyde University and later completed his master’s at Staffordshire University.

As a manager for IBM UK, Bonar helped clients acquire special parts for enterprise-grade computers and printing equipment. He entered software development and focused on quality service products at QMS, and eventually he was placed in charge of a team of engineers.

From QMS, Brian Bonar started moving into printing and copier manufacturing and while serving as a managing director for Rastek Corporation he had one of the first SCSI based printers developed. He soon started his own company Bezier Systems that began its own proprietary printing technology.

In 1994 Brian Bonar’s company merged with ITEC Imaging Technologies and soon began marketing printers and copiers on a mass scale. But in the year 2001 Bonar announced he was going to do something new with ITEC and turn it into more of a professional employer organization (PEO) kind of company. In partnership with SourceOne, ITEC started a full-service support system that included installation and ongoing network issues.

In 2004 ITEC’s name was changed to the Dalrada Financial Corporation that started offering financing and employee benefits packages to companies. Through this financing system, Dalrada’s two biggest PEO providers in Trucept Inc. and Smart-Tek Solutions are able to manage human resource functions and hire new employees for companies. The client companies still have the final say over the employees final tasks and retention.

In addition to the Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar also bought several restaurants including Bellamy’s and Bandy Canyon Ranch and partnered with Patrick Ponsaty to make them hot tourist spots. He also is on the board of the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Diego. But when he isn’t too busy with either business or philanthropy, Bonar also enjoys time golfing or boating out on the Pacific.

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