Dating Woes And Frustrations Addressed By Whitney Wolfe

The dating culture has given way to tons of discussion about its dynamics. For one thing, there is a lot of failure being faced by both men and women. For one thing, a lot of men have made a lot of comments on their frustration of not being able to meet a woman physical dating. On the side of women, there is discussion as to whether or not there are too many options. The fact of the matter is that women are suffering from a disadvantage that a lot of men seem to wish they had. Women tend to have too many people flying at them.

One of the disadvantages that women are faced with is that they are not given as much of a chance as men are to actually look at different style profiles and find one that they are going to like the most. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has made sure that things are going to be different with her Bumble app. For one thing, she has put a handicap on men’s accounts. Therefore, women are given more of an opportunity dating different profiles to find what they want without all of the badgering.

Another thing Whitney Wolfe has implemented in the Bumble App is the sense of urgency when a woman is matched with a man. Women who are given a match are given 24 hours to respond before the man disappears back into the pool. One thing about Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble app is that it makes things a little less chaotic for women and even a little easier for men.

Even though Bumble handicaps men’s accounts, it makes things easier for both men and women. Therefore, they both can date at an advantage. All men have to do is make sure that they are presenting their best selves.

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