OSI Group And Sheldon Lavin On Top Of The Industry

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the giant corporation called OSI Group. OSI Group has been around for quite a few decades. Mr. Sheldon Lavin has been a part of it since 1970.

He initially did finance work for the corporation back when it was a lot smaller. Over the course of a few years, Mr. Sheldon Lavin became a valuable part of the business. He is currently the leader of OSI International Foods Ltd.

OSI Group used to have a different name before the major overhaul some years ago – Otto & Sons. The corporation is a part of the meat industry and works in partnership with a vast number of the largest brands in fast food. Mr. Sheldon Lavin made the company expand drastically, and it became the absolute leader in its line of work within only a few years. The company of OSI Group currently has offices in every continent. There are locations in 17 countries throughout which there are well over 80 facilities such as research facilities, processing factories, packaging plants, and more. The Corporation has been specializing in protein products, vegetable products, as well as baked goods and sauces.

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The corporation is entrepreneurial in nature which means that the company is not operated through a primary source of commands. OSI Group has a number of branches each of which works on acquisitions projects and is a large company of its own.

What does the future hold for OSI Group? For instance, Mr. Sheldon Lavin will be working towards increasing the reach of the corporation even further. A significant part of the focus will fall on the most promising market for the OSI Group these days – the Chinese market. There will be new factories established in the country to accommodate the clients there faster and better.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin has been with OSI Groups for a few decades. He is probably another decade away from retirement, but he is confident that the force of OSI Group will persevere. He has established a company made of a large team of skilled leaders that will continue the achievements for many generations to come.

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