Working with Securus Technologies for Prison Safety

The most dangerous part of working in the prison is when inmates are able to get their hands on contraband. Now we go from a dangerous situation to an extremely deadly one because one inmate who could be contained with one officer now requires a half-dozen. With my staff of corrections officers already outnumbered 4:1 by the inmates, you can see how dangerous things can get when we are talking several inmates under the influence. This is why we take huge efforts each day to stamp out the flow of drugs in our facility.


My team is always in the visitor center looking for any transfer from visitor to inmate. Even items that may appear harmless to the average person become a deadly weapon in the hands of an inmate. Me and my team have to do physical searches of every inmate and visitor many times in order to ensure nothing has found its way to the jail.


We even use the inmate call monitoring system to help spot potential trouble. Securus Technologies installed the newly updated system, and it allows us to listen in when any inmate is talking about contraband, allowing us to spring into action within minutes i some cases to eliminate the threat. Securus Technologies has this system in 2,600 jails, and their CEO says the entire company is focused on making this world safer for everyone.


Once we get the alert from the LBS software something is being spoken about, we have heard calls from inmates talking about exactly how they are receiving contraband from family. One call alerted us to contraband hidden outside the cell so it could not be pinned to one inmate. We have even listened to calls where inmates were talking about receiving prescription drugs and selling them to other inmates to use to buy weapons too.


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