InnovaCare Health Inc. Chief Executive Officer Dr. Rick Shinto

Doctor Rick Shinto was appointed as the CEO of InnovaCare Inc. in the year 2012. Appointing him as the president of the company was the best step to take because it did not take him long before he was noticed as an effective and inspiring leader. As the CEO, he works to make certain that all employees work hard to achieve the best and accomplish all set goals of the organization. His inspiring nature is the main factor that has contributed to growth in the company, and because of that, he has maintained his position as the president for a number of years. Patients receiving services from the facility appreciate his hard work as the CEO and advocate for him to lead InnovaCare Inc. for many more years.

Doctor Shinto has been a successful president in InnovaCare in various ways. One of the things he takes into close consideration is quality. He puts quality first, making sure that all patients receive the best services in healthcare. The other aspect Rick Shinto takes into close consideration is the medical charges. As the CEO he makes sure that all charges are affordable to all patients. He looks forward to creating a healthy community, and one of the ways to do that is making sure that all patients have access to medical services. According to him, medical services should not be too high because health is a right and it should not be violated by making it hard for people to access the services.

Since Dr. Shinto became the CEO of InnovaCare Inc. residents of Puerto Rico have had access to better medical services. This fact gives a clear impression that he brought about change in the region, creating a better healthy community. Rick in his time as the president of InnovaCare, has made good use of technology, which has promoted cheaper options and fair charges to patients with absolutely no loss of quality service. Over 70% of people in Puerto Rico have chosen to use InnovaCare team as their healthcare center and care plans over insurance companies because it is an affordable institution.


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