Parents In Nashville Are Enrolling Their Children In Rocketship Education Due To The Problems In The Public Schools

A rather touching letter was recently written by concerned parents with children still in school. The letter was sent to Shawn Joseph of the Nashville Public school board. The parents are concerned because they believe the schools in Nashville are deteriorating. They spoke eloquently about the thousands of children who are now attending charter schools due to the problems in the public school system. There are 374 children being educated in charter schools including Rocketship Education. These parents are proud of the charter schools in their area and disgusted because they have come under attack. Since they believed the public schools were unable to meet the needs of their children they have chosen charter schools. Despite this fact they are constantly under accusation. The letter they wrote was an attempt to defend the charter schools since they are doing a remarkable job at educating their children. Unfortunately many people believe they were wrong to take their children out of public schools.

The parents do not believe the board wants their children or their schools to fail yet they want answers to their questions. They want to officials to embrace all of the schools in the area and not just the public ones. They believe it will take hard work to repair the damage already done to the public school system. These parents are educated, determined, and intelligent and simply want their children to have a good future. The children attending Rocketship Education are thriving, receive a lot of encouragement at school, work hard, learn, and have dreams. The parents feel their children belong wherever they can receive the best possible education and this is not in the public school system. They implore the board to focus on all of the public school instead of just a few. Their concerns are for all the students in Nashville who deserve an excellent education. Although they have chosen charter schools for their children they are not making accusations or attacking the public schools and believe they deserve the same courtesy. The letter was extremely well written and the hope is it will yield results.

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