Eli Gershkovitch From Lawyer to Brewer

Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO of Steamworks Group of Companies. Gershkovitch believes that companies must grow to meet the demand or else the demand will shrink to meet the company. Eli Gershkovitch opened Steamworks Pub on July 16 1995 to market his craft beer. Craft beer represents 10 percent of the beer sales in Canada. Craft beer is a beer that is made by small, independent breweries rather than large manufacturing corporations. Before there was craft beer, there were micro breweries. These breweries were also small and independently run, but they were limited to small shipments every day. By the end of the 20th century, microbreweries were passed. A new term for micro brewed beer had to be created, and then craft beer came along.


Eli Gershkovitch is a lawyer in Vancouver, Canada, who opened his first Canadian craft beer brewery in 1995. While Gershkovitch has been in the brewery business for over 21 years, he’s been a practicing attorney since 1990. Before settling on his law career, Eli Gershkovitch took some art classes. He wanted a law career and a beer business. He owes this whole experience with his beer industry to a trip to Heidelberg, Germany in 1987, where Gershkovitch visited a microbrewery and had his first taste of Belgian beer (LinkedIn). Recently, Eli Gershkovitch opened a transcontinental restaurant at Waterfront Station. Steamworks produces four brands of beer, including pilsener and pale ale that is best sellers. Last summer, Steamworks started brewing Killer Cucumber Ale and Jasmine IPA.


Eli Gershkovitch considers this era, the golden age of beer. The beer is brewed with a very old type of steam system. He found an old steam pipe that ran through the building. Gershkovitch decided to check it out with his engineers, and they thought there was no reason why he could not use it to brew the beer. The steam from the pipe allows more control and flexibility over the brewing of the beer.

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