Dr. Cameroon Clokie Resets the Bone and Tissue Regeneration in Toronto

Deformities or abnormalities we will all agree need some form of reconstructive surgery. If there is something that can be done to at least modify an appeal so be it.

According to Crunchbase, Cameroon Clokies is an expert in this field and has a success story from the many successful procedures. At the U of T conference, Dr. Camerron Clokie, the Head of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Toronto, presented two cases on his regenerative medicine.

The case of Mr. Russel, and young, Janine McFarlane whose jaw tissues had been re-grown from their tissue. It was interesting how progress was noted away from the traditional surgical procedures and now into the regenerative medicine. The replacement thereof is a growth of an identical tissue, cell or bone similar to the one lost.

Regenerative medicine works using a protein that entices stem cells to grow into a bone tissue. It is more or less similar to the embryonic state of bone generation. Traditional tissue rebuilding methods would involve transplant to fill in gaps in another body parts.

This process was traumatizing and painful, but thanks to regeneration that patients subjected to this ordeal do not have to go through much. From his many years of study, research and practice, he has written some informative pieces that are still considered resourceful in further studies today and recognized globally.

About Cameroon Clokie

Dr. Clokie is a maxillofacial and oral surgeon along with being a scientist. He is also an entrepreneur having self-started the Induce Biologics Inc. Company, where he is the CEO. His innovative solutions have brought success in medicine.

Bloomberg believes that Cameron Clokie is reputable elite with a Doctor of Dental Surgery and a Doctorate in Bone Regeneration from the McGill University. He concurrently teaches body regeneration and practices.

At the University of Toronto, he is the Professor of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, lecturing on oral health including dentistry and reconstructive surgery.

The Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) discovery is part of his success. Cameron Clokie is on the scientific boards of a number of research companies.

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