Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Sleep Remedy Innovation

If you use a machine or device without regular mechanical services, then it is bound to wear out or breakdown. Likewise to every creature that is active, there is a need for biological service known as Sleep. Religiously, a good sleep has been quoted as being peaceful sleep or pleasant, this has become but a say in the modern world where everyone is busy. Sleep has become an interesting scientific and research topic globally, revealing more and more discoveries daily.

Avi Weisfogel has come up with a new trending scientific technology that has helped lots of patients suffering from sleep deficiency known as sleep apnea. Leading in this research is a sleep specialist, doctor, and dentist Dr. Avi Weisfogel, the founder of Healthy Heart Sleep. Where he shares his experience and research of over 20 years on sleep disorders with other practitioners.

Dr. Avi has been a dentist and an expert on diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Biology from Rutgers University, Doctor of Dental Surgery from University’s College of Dentistry. His learned and intrinsic skills enabled to develop a platform known as Dental Sleep Masters Program dedicated to the diagnosis and the best treatment to sleep disorder patients.

With the ‘Best dentist’ award for two years, he has made this profession into a successful enterprise with the innovation of a mouth device that opens the trachea, reducing stress induced sleep emanating from sleep Apnea. This disorder has affected millions of adults in the U.S. and also known to contribute some chronic disease like diabetes, stroke and a few other heart diseases.

Like any other entrepreneur, Dr. Avi has had his share of challenges and has fought to build his business by looking for referrals as a doctor. He is also a philanthropist, giving back through training specialist and mentoring other doctors in this field. He has developed business partners, customers trust, and motivated co-workers that are part of his growth and successful enterprise. Sound sleep becomes possible thanks to Dr. Avi.

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