The Life and Accomplishments of Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is a prominent entrepreneur of our times. He commands huge respect in the area of crypto currency. He is an accomplished investor in the cryptocurrency field and has loads of knowledge on the matter. Daniel Mark Harrison is not only a businessman, he is an author and a journalist. He also known as a big supporter of the blockchain. Some his other titles as described in some major world’s publications are; factorybanking inventor, Bitcoin 2.0 enthusiast, serial entrepreneur and blockchain evangelist.

Daniel Mark Harrison is from The House of Harrison, a famous business family involved in the businesses of printing money. Their money printing firm is called Harrison&Sons. Daniel Mark Harrison is a graduate of the Oxford University. He holds a degree in theology. He also holds a masters in journalism from the New York University. He has applied the knowledge he received from these institutions to start his own companies which are very successful to date. Today he is the CEO of his own establishment known as Daniel Mark Harrison& co. Ltd commonly referred to as DMH&CO. this company was set up in 2015. He is fully in charge of the operations of this company as well as those of his family businesses. Today the company is a global investment icon for its achievements. Its activities are mainly in Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Daniel Mark Harrison is also a managing partner with Monkey Capital. This is a venture capital founded in 2016. It operates on the basis of a block chain investment.

Daniel Mark Harrison is also very knowledgeable in the field of crypto currency. Having invested a lot in crypto currency, Mark follows this field keenly. He is an authority on matters of crypto currency and many investors are always looking out for his opinion on the future of cryptocurrency.

Apart from being a businessman, Daniel Mark Harrison also takes time to write. He has been a publisher and editor with Marx Rand. This is a publication that covers general interest in the business and manufacturing sector. He has also served as a columnist with Motley fool around 2010. Here he used to write his opinions regarding the stock market status in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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