Using Rainy Weather to Your Advantage in an NFL Fantasy Snake Draft

Snake drafts are a lot of fun, but you need to do your homework. One truly unique twist to this format for drafting fantasy football teams is now available for daily leagues. DRAFT has thrown the old-fashioned salary system away. Now you can enjoy the fun of the snake draft format, picking a new and unique team every week at sites such as DRAFT.

Your chances of winning using the snake draft system are more than tripled. So, how should you prepare for daily fantasy snake draft to boost these chances even more? One trick is to use bad weather, especially the rain, to your advantage.

You need to follow the weather forecasts, closely. Don’t fall into the trap that projected heavy rainfall is going to drown down offensive production numbers and be prime places to nab a defense. It can actually work completely the opposite. Wide receivers know where they’re going. When athletic pass catchers run their routes, they often cut on a dime. Slippery conditions can send the coverage sprawling across the turf, leaving the receiver wide open.

Also, be aware that teams may be prone to lean towards the running game in wet weather. While this is not always the case, the same logic holds. Linemen can establish their blocking angles, because they know the direction of the play. Runners, although needing to hold on tightly to a potentially slippery pigskin, can cut quickly, leaving would-be tacklers face down in the mud. Watch the weather forecasts and lean towards players for high-powered offenses that can wet and slippery conditions to their advantage.

Playing daily fantasy sports, especially when you can use the snake draft to pull a unique roster of players, is tons of fun. If you do your weather research, appreciating how wet conditions affect game play, it can be even more fun when you outsmart your competition. Only those daily formats that offer a snake draft instead of the old-fashioned salary format can truly allow you to take advantage of the weather.

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