Waiakea Water is Making Waves on the Bottled Water Scene

Many people wouldn’t expect a bottled water manufacturer to care much about the environment, and most people would find it impossible to believe that one of the fastest growing water bottling companies in the world is dedicated to replenishing nature. But that’s just what Waiakea Water does.

Founded in 2012 as the first bottled volcanic water from Hawaii, Waiakea has skyrocketed into the top 500 of the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies. They have increased their profits exponentially over the past several years, all while remaining conscious of the planet, and even being the first American bottled water company to earn a carbon neutral certification. The bottles they use are made of 100% recycled plastic, and contain no BPA, putting them well ahead of most bottled water makers in sustainability and safety.

By the end of 2017, Waiakea aims to use a new type of bottle that is fully biodegradable, as they are aware of the world’s plastic pollution problem. Not only are they committed to reducing their environmental impact, but they have put into place reforestation projects to replenish natural ecosystems.

The secret to Waiakea Water’s success is the premium H2O in each bottle. The Waiakea Springs are fed by rainfall and snow melt on Mauna Loa Volcano, which are filtered down through thousands of feet of porous volcanic rock. The end product is a supremely pure and tasty water that is naturally alkaline and full of minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and silica which is said to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Drinking naturally alkaline water such as Waiakea is good for your health, and tastes great too. The naturally occurring minerals also add to the flavor, because our bodies crave minerals, and there are many receptors on your tongue to detect them. This is why the water tastes so good, because your body knows it needs it.

Waiakea may provide us with the best bottled water on the market, but they also believe in giving back to society. Teaming up with Pump Aid, they have brought clean water to many people in Africa. Now that’s sustainability.

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