Texas Bankers Association’s Influence in Regional Banking

The Texas Bankers Association is a prestigious organization whose participating members represents the voice of the state’s banking industry. This organization was founded in 1885, and it is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Last year was the organization’s annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. This conference is all about regional banking as it allow its attendants to share information and ask important questions. John Holt, President and CEO of NexBank Capital, attended the conference as one of its guest panelists. Holt discussed a wide variety of hot topics from within the industry. Inquiring minds finally had a chance to hear the banking executive speak, and he delivered as expected. Issues within the community, strategy, innovation and organic branching were all discussed. The Texas Bankers Association did a wonderful job of bringing the community together, and the association will surely schedule another conference for 2017.

NexBank Capital just so happens to be one of the leading regional banks in the nation. It specializes in investment banking, commercial banking and mortgage banking, but it offers other beneficial services such as:

  • Treasury Management
  • Public Funds
  • Credit Services
  • Warehouse Lending
  • Agency Services
  • Real Estate Advisory
  • And many more

This bank has grown dramatically throughout the years thanks to its ability to adapt with the times. Regional banking has stepped its game up and NexBank personifies this notion brilliantly. This is 100 years of experience as the bank provides some of the best tailored banking solutions. Whatever the individual’s needs may be, NexBank can definitely handle it. Thanks to profitable investments and business acquisitions, this financial center has expanded by providing services in other states. All in all, this is the future of regional banking and NexBank Capital is leading the charge.

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