Livio Bisterzo Brings Home Another Win

There is a reason why Livio Bisterzo has the eye and interest of not just the snack-eating world but one a-list actor named Leonardo DiCaprio. The truth be told, it is not so much Bisterzo that really holds DiCaprio’s attention as it is his company that does so. Namely, this company and the Hippeas brand name is what is making such a great splash in the consumer market of late. So strong is this interest that investments are being made in the hopes of many happy returns. And, the chances are that these hopes will be filled abundantly many times over.

There are many noteworthy points when focusing on these phenomenon that cultivate success and the investment of DiCaprio among others. One of which is that Livio is only 36 years old and already a successful CEO of the Hippeas brand name. But, this is not his first successful endeavor in bringing innovative and new products to markets at large. He has two other successes under his belt to brag of. The first is a tea line named Little Miracles and the other is a men’s grooming line under the name Kyoku.

As a matter of fact, the Hippeas brand name is not just a splash but a big splash internationally. It is sold in the United States and the United Kingdom as well. Some of major big-name distributors to carry the product are Starbucks and Vons with other names such as Target and blah blah to come in the near future. The sales and revenue of the Hippeas product, which are in fact chickpeas, reach the millions year in and year out.

But, making smart business moves is nothing new for Livio Bisterzo. And, as a matter of fact his resume shows that he does it all the time. He has had his hand on the wheel for projects ranging from hospitality to event businesses and is featured in magazines such as Forbes Esquire regularly. He really is an international man of commerce and trade being born in Italy and now doing business in the UK and the United States. Livio even has the experience of studying in the United Kingdom for his business savvy and acumen. And, all of these aspects of the man collectively make one good reason why DiCaprio should invest and hold an interest in Bisterzo’s business.

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