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Freedom Debt Relief was founded in 2002to deliver debt solutions. It was established by Sanford Business School graduates, Bradford Stroh and Andrew Housser. Freedom Debt Relief Reviews claim that it has helped many Americans in solving their debts conveniently and reduces the amount they owe making it affordable. Most people are afraid of being declared bankrupt hence Freedom Debt Relief Reviews show that it reduces your unsecured debts in 24-48 months. The company negotiates with the creditors to reduce the amount.

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews claim that the company has been ranked the leading debt-settlement industry as it has settled over $ 500 million debts of consumers since 2003. The client deposits 15% of the amount in a bank then provides Freedom Debt Relief with power of attorney to access the money and handle the debt.

One client called Joni, his company was in financial circumstances which led to more debt piling that they could not handle. It was hard to accept they needed help, but after researching Freedom Debt Relief was the best choice to settle their problems. Their first call was stressing but they were handled with respect and understanding and now they are towards recovery. Freedom Relief Debt Reviews show the strategies that relief you from debts.

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