Richard Mishaan Design Sits Atop the Interior Design Industry in New York

The New York Interior Design industry is arguably the most saturated in the world. There are thousands of professional designers all trying to make it in what is unofficially the design capital of the world. As such, a designer or design firm has to be special to make it to the top of the city’s industry. Despite the odds, however, Richard Mishaan Design has grown to become one of the largest firms in New York. Even more surprising is the fact that it has managed to consistently hold this position for past 27 years.

The founder of Richard Mishaan Design is Richard Mishaan. Mr. Mishaan has over the years developed a unique approach to design that incorporates architecture, interior design, and fashion. He boasts of a rich academic background having attended both the New York University and the Colombia University of Architecture. He has also previously been an apprentice at the offices of Philip Johnson.Richard Mishaan Design has benefited a lot from Mr. Mishaan’s diverse background.While he is currently ruling the interior design industry in New York, Mr. Mishaan was born and raised in Colombia.

With his hometown predominantly having Spanish colonial style, he was exposed to the vibrancy of color from an early age. When he later began to develop as a designer, Mr. Mishaan sought to create vibrant and contrasting designs that grabbed people’s attention without being overwhelming. Additionally, thanks to two books authored by Mr. Mishaan, it is now possible for ordinary people to infuse the same luxury and class that Richard Mishaan Design does in all of its projects. The two books are published under the titles, “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern”. Released in 2014, Artfully Modern especially has an in-depth analysis of how one can combine different elements to create beautiful designs.

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