Freedom Financial Asset Management Offers Guidance to Those Affected by the Equifax Breach

Freedom Financial Asset Management is a subsidiary of Freedom Financial. The company offers a variety of mortgages affording customers the opportunity to choose the mortgage that is best for them. The company also deals in specialized mortgages offered by the Federal Government. Debt consolidation services are part of their product line.

If you are or may have been a victim of the recent Equifax hack Freedom Financial provides some guidelines for protecting yourself.

To find out if yours was among the information that was stolen. While on the website register for free credit monitoring and identity theft protection. You can also place a freeze on your Equifax report. A freeze blocks creditors from using Equifax to review credit rating. Do not hesitate because you must sign-up for these services before November 21, 2017.

Go to the government authorized site Annual Credit Report or you can call toll free 877-322-8228 and request your credit information.

This report will contain information from the three major credit rating bureaus. Go over this report thoroughly and report any incorrect (including misspellings)information and or suspicious accounts.

Think about expanding the freeze on the review of your credit rating to other credit rating companies. An inability to check the credit rating associated with your name and Social Security Number will prevent creditors from inadvertently giving credit to someone trying to make fraudulent use of your information. Before seeking credit for yourself you will have to remove the freeze on your credit information. This is also known as “thawing” you credit data. Thawing will involve calling the credit rating services and providing a PIN code that you had chosen while freezing your credit. For more info about us: click here.

Check all your account information regularly and change all your passwords on credit card and bank websites.

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