Nathaniel Ru and the Sweetgreen Way

We are experiencing a fundamental change in the way that new companies are approaching interacting with their client base and nowhere is this more obvious than in the fast food industry. Fast food is a particularly interesting industry because it started as one thing and became so dramatically another.

From McDonalds in the ’50s to McDonalds today you wouldn’t even know that they were the same company. A northeastern based company named Sweetgreen, which was founded just about ten years ago, has been focused on changing the way people approach their fast food experience. Let’s look at how Sweetgreen is revolutionizing an industry.

Sweetgreen was founded by a trio of students who were all studying at Georgetown University at the same time. Their goal at the outset was to be a difference maker in the industry, to bring about something special and to deliver to their customers a unique experience. This list of goals brought Nathaniel Ru to become a leader of something quite unique.

Sweetgreen is a high end chain of fast food restaurants that focuses exclusively on high quality salads. These salads are made of locally grown and high quality produce and they are all unique enough to be good for a full meal.

Nathaniel Ru has been in charge of fostering growth at the company for the past decade and as one of the three founders, including Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, he has been integral in keeping the company focused on their goals of staying unique. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

An interesting trait that all three founders have in common, aside from their unique goals, is that they are first generation immigrants whose parents have all started their own companies.

Sweetgreen was created because Nathaniel Ru wanted to bring healthy food back to the quick dining arena. They were inspired by the lack of healthy dining options available in and around the Georgetown University campus.

Taking a risk the trio of students decided to establish their first location near the campus of Georgetown. They realized early on that if they could succeed even when school wasn’t in session then they could end up being quite successful and that is exactly what happened.

Nathaniel Ru is an insightful individual and he has to be in order to continue the growth of his company. Ru learned some key concepts early on in his career with the company and one of the most important things was that he had to learn to appreciate the value of team work.

Ru says, “Jon, Nic and I used to do every role in the company.” Ru continues by saying, “We’ve learned it’s important to build a team around you sooner than you feel comfortable doing so.

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