The Successful Journey of the American Institute of Architects

     As the level of growth and development continue to increase, the more there is building and construction throughout the world. This has led to the emergence of experts who guide building and construction to enhance quality and long-lasting structures. The American Institute of Architects is a nongovernmental organization that is made of professional architects. It was formed in 1857, and its headquarter is in Washington DC.

The organization is designed to serve in the building industry and therefore it works in collaboration with engineers and planners to bring out the best of its services to people of the United States. The organization is made up of different members hence making its work of quality and distinction. These members include allied emeritus as a well as international members from all over the globe. The organization is aiming at providing excellence and outstanding professional achievement to America. This is done through analyzing the factors that affect the architecture business.

American Institute of Architects has provided web-based resources targeting to help the emerging architecture professional throughout the world. Also, it sponsors hundreds of architects who are continuing their education with the goal of maintaining their licensure. The organization has also been of great benefit to people of United States as it has employed 200 workers as well as 300 local chapters. These local chapters have provided the members with professional focus which reflects their professional lives wherever they are. The components have spread to Hong Kong, Japan, United States Europe among other places.

AIA carries out its goals through advocacy, community, and information whereby by doing so it fulfills its need to serve the people. The organization also acts as an advocate that acts on behalf of the architecture professionals. Through its quality work and design, it has created awareness to the public of the need and the importance of high-quality design.

Robert A. Ivy is the chief executive officer of AIA. His motivation to build this organization was created by the understanding and awareness that had grown of the architect’s role. He built AIA aiming at advancing the positions that the architects and bolsters plays in everyday life. Previously, Ivy had worked as the vice president as well as the editorial manager of the Architectural Road. It is at this time where he also oversaw 17 digital publications and 16 print. Ivy established himself as the spoken man of the architecture profession throughout his tenure life.

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