Getting Prepared For A Lifeline Screening Session

Lifeline Screening is a medical organization that does medical tests for a great price and they are convenient too. Many times people find it inconvenient and more costly to go to their doctor or the local hospital.

Lifeline screening has all of the same tests available that are found at hospitals and medical testing facilities as well as the same well-trained personnel. The testing facilities are usually at local venues and public venues.

The tests cover areas such as ultrasound, limited electrocardiograph, and finger-stick blood tests. The ultrasound process is the same kind of test that mothers-to-be have done in order to determine whether their baby is a boy or a girl. With ultrasound, it is possible to see the organs inside the body in real time. For example, medical technicians can see the blood flow in the arteries and locate possible blockages. This is especially good for finding clues about the Carotid arteries in the neck and in the abdomen.

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The finger-stick blood test creates a full lipid blood panel from just a few drops of blood. The cholesterol levels are checked, both HDL and LDL as well as blood sugar levels, and the levels of the liver enzymes. The blood sugar level can screen for diabetes and the liver enzymes screen for liver disease.

The primary function of the limited electrocardiograph detects arrhythmia of the heart which is an irregular heartbeat. This is also called atrial fibrillation or A-fib. This irregular heartbeat caused blood clots which can lead to stroke and a patient will need immediate treatment for that.

There are many more tests that can point to possible issues where a person should see their doctor. Many people don’t see a doctor on a regular basis due to fear, they feel that if there are no symptoms, nothing is wrong, and fear of expense. Lifeline Screening is one of the best ways to find out if there is anything going on medically that should be looked into.

Preparation for your Lifeline Screening session is very easy. When you call to set your appointment you will be given instructions to fast if you are having a blood test. You should wear light, loose clothing. Women should wear slacks and men comfortable trousers. The ladies should wear a loose blouse or sweater and the men a sports shirt. You will not be asked to disrobe, but you might have to raise your shirt or blouse for a short time, but that is all.

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