Roberto Santiago: Books and Shopping Malls of the Future

He chased after his dreams and achieved them. Roberto Santiago was an editor and also a tv screenwriter for promotion services in Madrid as well a creator of movie clips. He offers several published books. One of these from the group is currently Los Futbolísimos, that will be definitely an editorial occurrence of history for children literature and perhaps one of the very bestselling in the nation over the span of recent years. The book has also been translated into various dialects.


A number of the books and operations from Santiago have been respected, like the first publication of El ladrón de mentiras and winning of this Edebè Prize for children literature. Santiago also appeared being a screenwriter and director from various tv shows. He is known as a genius of production.

The funding of Paraiba, however, has thus far experienced various expansions since its restructure in 1989. It’s on the list of biggest shopping centers within João Pessoa and provides space for all different tasks including leisure and entertainment tasks. Santiago bought the property at which the Manaira mall was located in 1987 and created it several years before the project was prepared for unveiling. The mall consists of roof top concert hall, theatre, food court, gambling area, fitness center, finance institutions, a faculty, and many purchasing stores.


In the mall, there’s the Domus Hall, which will be located at the roof top of this mall. Also, it can be noted that it opened in 2009. The Domus Hall has sufficient distance and hosts conventions, musical theatres, weddings, displays, sidewalks and college campuses. It might accommodate a quota of 4,000 seated members along with 10,000 upper status individuals. The Hall is both comfy and sound proof and designed with exceptional audio equipment. The two-story structure is put in to different cottages; yet one at the top for people looking around and stargazing for solitude, and an earth floor below that will be larger for peoples’ cozy events. The hallway also has alluded to many performances from the area. Local musicians and world performers from all corners of earth have come to celebrate and perform.


The Manaira Retail Complex supplies Many amusement choices such as the movie theater, which comprises the latest films. Additionally, it’s a gambling area with a bowling alley with all sorts of choices in the meal court. It provides a great experience for everybody. For the point of efficiency, the restaurants possess rapid food service areas and luxury eating establishments like Waynes, Espaco Gourmet, and Capital steak house. Roberto Santiago can be an owner of another mall called Mangeira that was launched in 2013. The 2 Shopping malls have led to this increased societal and economic status in Brazil.


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