A Review Of Tony Petrello’ Career Journey

American corporate leaders are known to grab any chance to appear on TV. Every day, there is always one or two executive leaders doing a live interview on the silver screen. However, Anthony ‘Tony’ Petrello is a different breed. He is hardly on TV as a pundit or motivational speaker. The CEO of Nabors industries prefers to live his life out of the media lime light.

In 2014, he topped the list of the highest paid chief executive officers in America with a total earning of $68.2 million. The executive leader earned this money considering that he holds three tops positions at the company: he is the president, chairman and CEO of Nabors. In addition, the booming oil and gas market helped him to secure bonuses running into millions of dollars.

Petrello believes in honesty. The visionary leader earns what is right and does not try to emulate the greed seen on the Wall Street. As the financial experts Tony work’s on Wall Street become rich, their clients, who are mostly main street Americans, continue to suffer. Tony does not support this approach. Tony is a strict follower of moral codes. He firmly believes in respect and fairness.

Tony hails from a humble background. The Newark native was born to a working class family. He went to a local school where the teachers recognized his prowess in mathematics. As his mathematical talent continued to flourish, he soon became a celebrity in the town. His rare ability caught the attention of many universities who offered him scholarship to pursue mathematics. After reviewing all the scholarships, he settled for the prestigious Yale University. At Yale, he pursued his undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics before studying law at the Harvard University.

After graduating from Harvard University, the executive leader joined Baker and McKenzie to practice law. After practicing law for four years, he was promoted to serve as a partner. He was in charge of the company’s New York division. Notably, Tony focused his energies on business law.

In the early 90s, Petrello left the law firm to join Nabors industries as a chief operating officer. In the last two and a half decades, he rose through the ranks to serve in the management of the company. Through his transformative leadership, Tony was able to expand Nabors’ operations across the globe. The company owns over 1,050 rigs. Nabors has employed over 100,000 workers who have specialized in various areas of the business.

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