Ted Bauman and His Bitcoin Breakthrough

     In his recent article, Bitcoin Has a Massive Problem, Ted Bauman analyzes the weaknesses of the growing digital currency. Bitcoin has been soaring in popularity for some time now. The reason this currency is trending is that it offers users the opportunity to operate financially unhindered by government manipulation. They also enjoy a large degree of privacy and security when it comes to their transactions. While these transactions do represent a large degree of potential freedom for their users, they come with one major flaw. Just a single transaction for the digital currency can sometimes take over 10 minutes. In today’s fast-paced society this represents a very big issue. Consumers want what they want right now and that rules out Bitcoins altogether.

Because of the “right now” mentally experienced by most consumers, many have started looking for a new alternative when it became apparent that Bitcoin would not be capable of faster transaction spends. Bitcoin Cash came out of that need and tanked the Bitcoin prices. The thing that people were not aware of is that every Bitcoin that existed before this system was included in the new Bitcoin Cash system. Buying Bitcoin now, Bauman advises, will net his readers a large sum without a big investment. He believes this to be true because there will be something inevitably wrong with Bitcoin Cash. When there is, owning the original currency will give the reader stock in the new currency like Bitcoin had with Bitcoin Cash. In this way, he flat out encourages the investment.

Currently, Ted Bauman is an editor and author at Banyan Hill Publishing. He publishes multiple financial resources a week to guide his readers on how to advance in the financial world correctly. While the subject matter may seem boring, Bauman presents the material in a calm and interesting way. Bauman relies on his previous experience and education to add to his articles. This gives the reader a rich array of information from multiple perspectives. Holding two degrees from the University of Cape Town in Economics and History, Bauman is well equipped to give the most up to date information in the financial field. At Banyan Hill Publishing, he is considered an expert in not only finance but also in international migration issues and asset protection. If readers want to keep themselves apprised of the best possible information for investments, then Ted Bauman is the best man for the job.

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